Golden, George Thornton

Golding, Thornton
Golden, Jesse
Tharpe, Elizabeth
Golden, George Thornton
Burke, George
Burke, Susanna
Shaw, Sarah Elizabeth


Father: Golden, Jesse
Mother: Burke, Susanna


   Prefix: 1860 Census, Auglaize Co, George Golden

   Prefix: 1850 Census, Auglaize Co, Jesse Golden
   Additional information

   Prefix: 1870 Census, Auglaize Co, Thornton Golden

   Prefix: 1880 Census, Auglaize Co, George Golden

   Prefix: Obituary: George T. Golden
   Additional information

   Prefix: Marriage record: George Golden and Julia Albaugh
   Additional information

   Prefix: Death record: George Thornton Golden
   Additional information


   Date: 2/6/1828
   Place: Perry Co, Ohio

   Date: 10/28/1902
   Place: Auglaize Co, OH


Relation to Albaugh, Julia
   6/11/1851 Marriage; Place: Auglaize Co, OH

Children of Golden, George Thornton and Albaugh, Julia
   Golden, Joseph (6/1870)
   Golden, Thomas (9/1873)
   Golden, John (1851)
   Golden, Susanna (1854)
   Golden, Sarah Elizabeth (1856)
   Golden, Lewis (14 Aug 1860)
   Golden, Mary E (1867)
   Golden, William (1868)

Obituary   1850 Auglaize Co, OH Jesse Golden   1860 Auglaize Co, OH George T and Jesse Golden   1870 Auglaize Co OH Thornton Golden   1880 Auglaize Co OH George Golden   1900 Auglazie Co OH George Golden   George marriage   George T death record   Grave George T Golden   map   
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